Partnership Manager iBuyNew Property
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Claire Almond

If you want to invest in high quality properties in high growth belts throughout Australia. Aligning with with the partnership relations headed up by Claire Almond

Allows us to support our clients by introducing them to a team of experts who work hard to help our clients
invest in new and off plan properties, so they can invest into high quality properties to achieve their individual
goals and wealth building plans.

Whether it’s to buy a property to live in or rent out, ibuynew has access to beautifully build,
modern, high quality,off-plan and completed apartments, townhouses, and houses and
house and land properties, to suit all budgets and needs.

The benefit of working with Claire and ibuynew allows our clients to get on with what they need to
manage in their busy lives while we get on with preparing suitable finance and finding them the
properties they want to buy.

If you’re thinking of buying a new and off plan property but would like help to make sure it’s the
right property for you,if you let us know what you’re thinking we can go to work for you to make it
all happen, we can also prepare your finance and we have lawyers and accounts to assist also.