Futures Trading Educator and Alternative Currency Investment Specialist
Brief info

As a valued partner to our team of external investment and advisory service providers. Kelly Lowry and Cameron Buchanan are the co-founders and directors and founders of one of Australia’s most respected, futures trading education companies. www.idta.com.au

Extremely well versed and personally invested himself in the alternative currency asset channels. Cameron has not only trained us here at RIG, but also assisted in helping us achieving double and triple returns.

Supporting the building of another growing revenue stream so we may continue to expand and take advantage of this exciting new time and high yielding opportunities.

We are honoured to be partnered with Cameron and Kelly, who are highly skilled in all forms of property and other forms of investing and people we know we can trust and rely on. For our clients who may be seeking education and support to achieve their own personal goals through the development of trading and alternative current investments.