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Manifesting Her Dream Property! How Did She Do It!?

As I’m sure you can imagine, thinking back, you wanted a car or something else of importance to you… and BOOM! you start seeing it everywhere! So, what’s the lesson here?

For Jo, as I realised as I reflect on my own goals that became a reality, and people I know have managed to manifest the most impressive goals and things. If we can do it for cars and holidays, why not for our dream property?

If this is something you’re wanting to embrace and get working for you, to turn on your manifesting powers. What are the steps to get your manifesting powers working?

Whether it is for you to bring you and your families dream home, or ideal job or business, or amount of money into reality, here are the steps to get you on the road to turning it from an idea into reality!

1. Decide, what you want to manifest. The Thing, The Goal!
The key is to decide without knowing how you will make this all happen, yet! This is the number reason that stops people from even starting.

2. Ask yourself, if nothing could stop me, how could I bring this want of mine into reality?
Which seems simple, but this step is extremely powerful. Asking ourselves, with complete openness and as crazy the ideas may seem you think of, write them down and start building your plan and actions. It’s been said even the biggest goals only need about 5 actions to make a reality.

3. Why Do You!? Get clear on why you want this goal to manifest?
Whether a property or something else, the bigger the reasons WHY, the more you, me and all of us, stay motivated to do what it takes and push through.

4. Push Through the Brain Lies and Excuses!
As much as we get all the reasons why it’s not the right time and we will start when the kids leave home in 2029, and you get that new job. The only time is now!! Start the plan…

5. Face Mr Fear! Whatever fear ‘thought’ arises.
I’m too old, too young, don’t have enough money, have too much money, etc are all just thoughts in your head, they are not real. The arise to keep us safe from a danger that does not exist. You won’t die from working harder, planning, and buying a dream home.

6. See It Done! Whatever it is, in your mind as you daydream,
and see yourself in the home or car or whatever it is you want. Get excited.

7. Have Fun as you push through to your desired goal
And any challenge that arises, see it as a learning you can get thought and will cope.

8. Celebrate! The bigger the goal the more it will take to get there,
which is the work of warriors, so celebrate when you get it. You deserve it!

Remember anything is possible if you decide and ask for help and keep going until it’s a reality.

If my team and I can assist in helping you turn your idea or want into reality.
Whether it is to discuss and map out the preparation of the right loan so you can buy a property, or commercial property or business, or asset or to review your finances so you know what to do to achieve your financial goals and get on the right track.

We have the people who will give you the right answers and make it easier for you to manifest just like Jo did.
Please reach out, it would be a pleasure.

Everything is strictly confidential, and we take your plans and goals and this work very seriously.

Trevor Russell

CEO | Property, Business, Assets,
Finance Broker & Strategist
ASIC CC: 531397 – REIQ 4184423