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As a wise person once said, ‘if you want to get to a destination you’ve never been to before, ask for directions from someone who has!’

The next bit of advice I was given that has proven to be helpful, before spending money that may have taken you years to accumulate is to invest at least 10% of that time into deciding on what we want, why and who can help guide us to reach our destination.

Which leads us to the topic of buying or investing into a property off a plan… or in other words, you are investing into a property that is yet to be built and in planning stages.

It was a pleasure to interview Claire Almond from ibuynew.com.au who are a group of experts operating nationally who are committed to helping people property still in planning stage or recently completed properties.

If you are planning to buy a property off the plan now or in the future. I hope you find some helpful tips and important reminders so you don’t make what can be very stressful and costly decisions.

As I shared I once upon a time did and could have been avoided if I was more informed and has the foresight to ask for some advice from people who have been down that road.

To help you on your road to smarter and more informed investing in a property of plan, Claire has provided us with a simple yet very helpful map, here to help you navigate your journey from initial consideration stage, all the way to walking in the door of that dream home or investment property.

Map To Buying Property Off The Plan The Right Way – Claire Almond – ibuynew.com.au

Most importantly to make sure you have good solid support from people who want you to success and the plan you’re following ticks all the boxes for your current and future wealthy building plans.

I would also like to add, that nothing is every so urgent that you have to make decisions because of missing out.

Take your time, make sure you understand what you’re wanting and feel good inside the people helping you are making sure all is done for you and your family’s best interest.

If we can help provide any direction with reviewing your goals and plans, to assist with preparing your property loan and get Claires colleagues working for you. To help research and secure a property that meets your goals and plans.
Please reach out, and we can discuss things in more detail, here on our how can we help you page.

I’ve been on that journey for myself and for many clients, and it would be our pleasure to help you make this a simple and enjoyable experience.

What ever goal and destination you want to reach is possible, once you decide and get a good map and guidance and start driving until it’s reached.

Thank you for investing your most important asset with us here, your time. I’m hope you got some value.

Trevor Russell CEO | Property, Business, Commercial Finance and Investing Specialist
ASIC CC: 531397 – REIQ 4184423

PS: With the aim to be a fully transparent company with the best interest of our clients number one priorty. If we refer a client to ibuynew it is only done so if we and our clients agree it’s in line with them and their plans and goals.

If a property purchase eventuates we get paid a referral commission, which we disclose how much and when etc, prior to any formal decisions are made. It’s a far commission we and we are confident our clients are more than satisfied with.

We are not a property marketing commission driven company. We are a company committed to finding out what our clients want and if and how we can help them get to where they want to go.