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What can you do to pay off your home loan sooner and understanding how a home and investment loan is structured?

Leaving the conversion with both parties, feeling heard and satified with how you handled the situation!

1. Know how you are paying extra impacts your mortgage repayments

2. Pay a little extra every month

3. Have a budget so you can find the extra money

If you would like to discuss your home loan structure and get the answers for how to achieve your finance and wealth building goals. Reach out and be a pleasure to assist you.

I am Trevor Russell and I have worked in the financial services for 20 years and I know how helpful it can help everyone to lower stress and have more control over their lives in all areas of money, finances, health, relationships, business, career, and health!

The good news is, the knowledge for how to get what you want is available, all your need to do is learn and apply it.

Onwards and upwards,

Trevor Russell

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Trevor Russell is a Mobile Business Leader Aussie Homeloans, he speaks and trains in the areas Business, Sales, Leadership, Money Management.

Working in both executive and self employed roles, in financial services, sales, management, advertising, marketing and events. Trevor enjoys speaking and writing on topics to help people navigate through the complexities of career, business and health and good mental health.

Based in Queensland Australia, he loves the work he does to support others and he is passionate speaker and writer and has some big goals for his life and is very motivated to help others achieve their goals and dreams.